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Exterior Pest Services In Crawfordville, FL

Stopping Crawfordville's Most Serious Backyard Pests

Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and ants are four of the most frustrating pests in Crawfordville. It doesn't take long to see why either; each of these four pests can physically attack both people and pets, eventually leading to disease spread, painful welts, and itchy patches of skin. It can feel almost impossible to keep mosquitoes away from backyard barbecues, and despite your best efforts, parasitic pests like fleas and ticks can find their way into your home through any crack or crevice. Worst of all, ants can be active both inside and outside our homes and make any event feel more like a battlefront than a relaxing special occasion.

You can not treat Florida's most serious outdoor pests with DIY products alone. Home remedies and over-the-counter solutions may provide some benefit for pest prevention, but thanks to Florida's above-average pest population and highly conducive conditions, it's impossible to stop outdoor pests without the help of professional intervention. And for hundreds of homeowners across the Crawfordville area, that intervention comes in the form of Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control.

Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control has served Crawfordville with superior services since 1992. Owned and operated with decades of combined experience, our company has provided home and business owners with decades of trustworthy exterior pest management programs, including services for mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and ticks. If you need to get rid of pests in Crawfordville, we're the right team for the job!

Call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control today to inquire about exterior pest control services. We'll provide you with a free quote and schedule a visit that works for you.

What To Expect From Our Exterior Pest Services

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Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control separates our approach to exterior pest control into three categories; mosquito treatments, tick and flea treatments, and ant treatments. While many of our products and processes are similar, they are certainly not the same, and we adapt our approach to meet your needs and remove the pests in question.

If you need mosquito treatments in Crawfordville, here's what you can expect:

  • We use a backpack blower to apply a residual treatment to shrubs, bushes, tall grasses, and other areas where mosquitoes may rest.
  • We remove conducive conditions from your yard that may be attracting mosquitoes, including elements such as standing water.
  • Mosquito treatments are typically seasonal and applied monthly from early spring to early fall, although we can add it to our bimonthly pest control service for a discounted rate. We also offer one-time services for special events!
  • All our mosquito treatments are guaranteed.

If you need flea and tick treatments in Crawfordville, here's what you can expect:

  • We use a truck rig and hose to treat active areas with a liquid concentrate.
  • Our team relies on a power sprayer to create a ten-foot perimeter outside the home.
  • We treat ticks with a three to four-foot barrier around the base of trees and shrubs.
  • We treat fleas by addressing shaded or covered areas, especially flower beds, under decks, and near fences.
  • Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control offers discounted follow-up services within two weeks of service until the pests are completely gone. 

If you need ant control in Crawfordville, here's what you can expect:

  • Our team generally uses a power sprayer to address ant mounds and colonies. 
  • In some circumstances, we can also use a granular service to broadcast ant protection around your entire yard.
  • Our follow-up visits depend on the ant treatment we provide. If you opt for a granular treatment, we can address your home for ants every six months. If you opt for our power sprayer services, we will return as needed within a 30-day period.

Do you have additional comments or inquiries about our exterior pest control services in Crawfordville? Call the Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control team now to chat with a trained provider.

Turn To Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control For Exterior Pest Services

There has never been a better time to secure exterior pest control for your Crawfordville home or business. Our pest management professionals can take on pests of any size and deliver outstanding services and outstanding results to all our clients in Florida. You can rest easy at night knowing that your home or business is defended against exterior pests, and enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes from a totally airtight home!

Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control is standing by to serve however we can. Give us a call today to chat about our exterior pest control services and how we can help you thrive. We'll schedule a same-day visitation to inspect your home and offer solutions if possible.

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Called on Monday, technician on Wednesday - fabulous! Steve was on time, courteous and clearly knows his stuff. Well-mannered professionals are getting harder to come by. FL Sun delivers. They serviced another property of mine for years and I am glad to give them some repeat business.

Martha M. | 27 August 2023
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