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Crawfordville, FL Pest Control

Pest Control In Crawfordville, FL

Crawfordville, FL, residents know that they have found an ideal location offering rural and suburban areas. The weather is fabulous with plenty of sun. The people are friendly, and there are opportunities to get out and enjoy nature in all its glory.

Residents enjoy seeing the birds and wildlife that call this area home. The people in this area love nature, but sometimes nature gets a little too close for comfort. When pests invade, home and business owners can rely on quality Crawfordville pest control from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control. 

Residential Pest Control In Crawfordville

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We offer home pest control services in Crawfordville for a variety of pests. These include the following:

  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Rodents

In the Crawfordville area, pest control can be more challenging than in some other places in the United States. Professional services from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control can help residents keep the insects and other pests outside where they belong. Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Crawfordville.

Commercial Pest Control In Crawfordville

There are many businesses in the suburban sections of Crawfordville, and most will experience a pest problem at some point. Fortunately, commercial pest control services in Crawfordville from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control can help keep your business pest-free year-round.

Our commercial pest control program begins with a complete inspection of your property. Then we will develop a custom plan depending on the type of business, pest pressures, and other factors. If you are concerned about pests in or around your Crawfordville business, give us a call at Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control today.

How To Tell If Your Crawfordville Property Has A Termite Problem

One of the significant pest considerations for the people of Crawfordville, FL, is termites. Termites are a big concern because they damage the property they live on.

Termites eat away at the wood and building materials that contain cellulose. One small colony of termites can cost a family a few thousand dollars in home repairs.

To prevent this type of damage and frustration, residents of Crawfordville, FL, should keep a vigilant eye out for signs of termites. The most frequent signs that these insects are moving onto your property are:

  • Mud tubes on the exterior of the home 
  • Soft wood that sounds hollow if you knock on it
  • Wood that appears to be darkening or blistering
  • Paint that is uneven or starting to bubble out
  • Small piles of termite feces near the nest 
  • Swarms of flying insects in the yard
  • Discarded insect wings near the doors or windows 

By the time you notice many of the signs of these insects, they have already infested your home and are busy damaging it. The insect queen lays as many as 10,000 eggs per year. Once termites choose to nest on your property, you may have a small colony with as many as 60,000 insects within a few years.

Professional services are the only way to prevent or treat your home for termites effectively. Over-the-counter and DIY products are ineffective and time-consuming. While you are trying to find something that works, the insects are busy eating your home, literally. For professional termite control in Crawfordville that you can count on, contact Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control today.

Here's How To Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In Your Crawfordville Home

Another big pest concern in Crawfordville, FL, is bed bugs. Crawfordville has a high tourist population each year, which increases the chances of bed bugs hitching a ride on travelers. Bed bugs are opportunistic little insects that will crawl into luggage or onto personal items and hitch a ride to new locations.

Many people think they are safe from bed bug infestations because they do not sleep in motels or rented rooms. The truth is that these insects live on almost anything upholstered, including cracks along floorboards and carpets. Anywhere many people gather, the bed bug may gather with them.

If you are uncertain whether you are already living with bed bugs, look for the following signs.

  • Bites on your legs or arms that may be in a row and seem to appear out of nowhere.
  • Reddish brown smears or stains on bedding, the walls, upholstery, or your headboard.
  • Eggs or the shells where eggs have hatched. These may be in cracks and crevices.
  • Actual bugs behind the headboards of your bed or on your mattress.

Bed bugs are tiny. So are the signs they leave behind. The number one way to detect their presence is by having a professional inspect your home. Call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control for a free quote and to learn more about our Crawfordville bed bug control services.

Protect Your Crawfordville Home With Exterior Pest Services

Some Crawfordville pests invade buildings, but others stay in yards. You might think these pests aren’t a concern because they’re not in your house, but they can bite outside, potentially spreading illnesses. Even if they live outdoors, they might enter your home for food and water.

While interior pest control protects your structure and health, exterior services are just as essential. Animals can invade your yard and hinder your ability to enjoy your property. Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control provides commercial and residential pest control services to keep these creatures away from your home.

Our pest management professionals provide exterior services for Crawfordville residents. Some of the pests we can eliminate and the treatments we provide include:

  • Mosquitoes: We use a backpack blower and apply residual treatments to shrubs, bushes, and tall grasses.
  • Fleas and ticks: We'll power spray a liquid concentrate where pests are active.
  • Ants: We’ll power spray ant mounds to eliminate the colony.

We offer recurring services after our initial visit depending on the species. We can treat mosquitoes from spring to fall, follow up on fleas and ticks, and visit every 30 days to treat ants. Call us to learn more about our exterior pest services.

What Crawfordville Residents Can Do To Prevent Ants

Ants are common pests around Crawfordville kitchens. They invade buildings for food and water to supply their colonies, and their tiny sizes enable them to fit through minuscule cracks or spaces in your exterior. Most ants are little more than nuisances, but some can spread illnesses when they enter homes.

These tiny pests invade homes in large numbers, leaving chemical trails for others to follow. You can eliminate several ants in your house, but they’ll keep coming unless you do something to stop them. Fortunately, you can take preventative steps to avoid the initial infestation. Some ant prevention tips for Crawfordville residents include:

  • Resolve moisture issues
  • Clean floors, counters, and tables
  • Close gaps in your exterior
  • Store food in containers with tight lids
  • Remove garbage regularly

When you call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control for your ant problem, we’ll eliminate them from your house and spray the nest. This process stops future infestations, enabling us to solve your problem in one visit. However, other ants can infiltrate your yard over time, so we can return every six months to respray your yard.

Ants are annoying and potentially troublesome pests around Crawfordville homes. Let us solve your ant problem once and for all.

Five Tips To Reduce Fleas & Ticks Around Your Crawfordville Property

Fleas and ticks are frustrating pests in your yard. Their small sizes don’t allow them to travel long distances, so they hitch rides on larger animals. In many cases, they use wild animals to invade residential yards and climb onto dogs or cats to enter homes. Once inside, they can feed on people and animals, potentially spreading illnesses.

These pests start biting soon after they latch onto warm-blooded hosts, making them a health risk. Keeping these creatures away will help you avoid these problems. Here are five flea and tick prevention tips for your Crawfordville home:

  1. Mow your lawn short
  2. Limit vegetation and debris
  3. Build a fence around your property
  4. Bathe and groom your pets regularly
  5. Vacuum your house frequently

These tips can help keep fleas and ticks from entering your home, but professionals can keep them off your property. At Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, our pest management professionals will spray your yard with a liquid product that removes these pests and treat problematic areas. Our flea and tick services include two discounted follow-up visits within two weeks of our initial treatment, and we can return until they’re gone. Contact us to eliminate fleas and ticks from your Crawfordville property.

Don't Let Rodents Into Your Home In Crawfordville

Some Florida rodents, like voles and squirrels, invade and damage yards but stay away from buildings. Mice and rats concern residents because they’ll enter your home. These creatures use spaces in your exterior for entry and hide in walls or attics. They’ll gnaw on wires or dig through your insulation to keep warm.

These pests can spread illnesses by biting or leaving waste around your house. Their hiding abilities enable them to remain in your home without your knowledge, jeopardizing your health. You can avoid these issues by preventing their entrance. Some tips to keep mice and rats out of your Crawfordville house include:

  • Seal potential entry points
  • Replace loose weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Keep food in rodent-proof containers
  • Reduce clutter around your home
  • Remove trash frequently

These tips can help prevent infestations, but rodent control professionals are the best form of protection. At Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, we’ll inspect your property to find these troublemakers and use bait and traps to remove them. We also offer recurring services to prevent future problems.

Mice and rats are the most troublesome rodents, but all species can cause damage and spread illnesses on your property. Call us to keep rodents away from your Crawfordville home.

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