How To Keep Crawfordville's Spiders Away From Your Home


Spiders are common pests that no one really wants to find in their Crawfordville home. Today we’ll discuss the reasons why spiders infest residential properties and what homeowners can do to stop them.

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Types Of Spiders In Crawfordville

Many spiders live throughout our area, but the most common spiders to infest residential properties include jumping, garden, wolf, and banana spiders. However, those are just the spiders we consider a nuisance.

What kinds of dangerous spiders can you find in Crawfordville? One dangerous spider in our area is the black widow spider, identified by its glossy black body and bright red hourglass marking on its abdomen.

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Five Natural Spider Deterring Tips

No one wants to find out they have a spider problem. These pests are small, creepy, and have venomous bites. Lots of spiders are commonly around homes that have preexisting insect problems, which means minimizing factors that attract insects is a great place to start. Deter spiders from your home by implementing these natural prevention tips:

  1. Keep lids on your garbage cans and store them away from your exterior walls.
  2. Eliminate moisture issues in your home by fixing broken pipes or installing a dehumidifier. 
  3. Clear thick foliage away from your home.
  4. Seal cracks, gaps, and crevices around the exterior of your property.
  5. Ensure your gutters direct water away from your foundation.

Even when you utilize effective prevention tips, there’s still a chance that spiders could infest your home. That’s why you need professional services from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control. Partner with us today to find out how we handle spider infestations. 

Why Do I Have A Spider Problem In My Home?

One fact that’s easy to forget is that spiders aren’t usually trying to get into your home. The two main factors that may cause spiders to infest your property include their insect prey or finding a mate. Unfortunately, preventing spiders from infesting your home is difficult if they’re searching for a mate. 

The only way to keep your home free of spider problems this year is to put into place an effective pest control plan from a reliable pest control provider. Reach out to Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control today to get started.

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Spiders Into Your Home

It’s difficult to keep spiders away from your home, even after you’ve implemented a few prevention tips. However, prevention tips aren’t the only way to avoid spider problems. Another way to protect your home from spiders is to identify and remove factors that may initially draw them to your Crawfordville property. As we discussed previously, you generally find spiders in areas where numerous insects reside. You'll also see fewer spiders by reducing insect populations around your property. In addition, spiders like properties that provide plenty of areas where they can hide. Keeping your home tidy and picking up clutter can eliminate hiding places and remove one factor that may cause spiders to infest your home.

If spiders have already taken over your residential property, professional home pest control services from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control are your best bet. Contact us today to start your first treatment.