The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Crawfordville Property


Rodents are mammals belonging to the order Rodentia that are prevalent pests in many environments that may create property damage, spread disease, and contaminate food. Among the most common types of rodents are mice, rats, voles, and squirrels. One commonality among these pests is their front teeth (incisors) that grow continuously, prompting them to grind their teeth or gnaw on things constantly. 

Rats are one of the most problematic types of rodents. These scavengers routinely search for food sources and will likely capitalize on opportunities that allow for infiltrating your home, which also affords them access to shelter. Rats are strong breeders that can result in a somewhat minor intrusion quickly developing into a full-blown infestation. 

The two most common species that plague homeowners in this region are Norway rats and roof rats. Norway rats have a body that spans seven to nine inches and a tail measuring from six to eight inches. They have small ears and black eyes, usually appearing as either grey or brown. 

Compared to Norway rats, roof rats have a lean body style that measures six to eight inches with an additional seven to ten inches for their tail. Roof rats are considerably more agile and demonstrate excellent climbing skills that allow them to enter attics and other upper floors. Roof rats are dark brown to black with pointed noses and large eyes and ears. 

Have you detected the presence of rats in your home? A professional Crawfordville pest control company knows how to get rid of rats safely and efficiently. Contacting a licensed pest controller is the best option for handling these problems.

How To Tell If It's Rats Lurking Around Your Property

After invading a structure, rats in Crawfordville generally rummage through areas of the home, seeking food sources and perhaps gathering suitable materials for forming a nest. Rats are primarily nocturnal creatures, and often homeowners will initially hear sounds of rat activity at night. 

Homeowners might notice that rats have torn open the packaging of dried foods in pantries, cupboards, or other accessible locations. Rats will leave droppings throughout the area of the home that they infest, and foul odors may develop. 

Rats Cause Property Damage And Spread Diseases

Rats damage property in many ways, such as gnawing on wiring, cables, and other materials. They often damage insulation and paper products when gathering materials for a nest. As they travel through the home, these pests will leave a trail of urine and feces, contaminating surfaces. 

Rats can pose health-related concerns such as leptospirosis, rate-bite fever, tularemia, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and many more. 

Will rats attack humans? Rats generally fear humans and will scamper away; however, expect a rat to behave aggressively if cornered. 

Five Tips To Prevent Future Rat Infestations On Your Property

How do you prevent rats from entering your home and creating trouble? Some of the most common best practices for preventing intrusions include: 

  1.  Trim back tree branches and taller shrubs away from the structure so roof rats cannot use them to access the structure's upper areas. 
  2. Clean up all food and packaging materials promptly after cookouts or barbeques, relocate or remove birdfeeders, and never place pet food bowls on decks or patios. 
  3. Exterior trash areas must remain clean and place all bags into durable garbage receptacles with tight-fitting lids. 
  4. Place durable mesh or screening materials over openings such as chimneys, dryer vents, or utility pass-throughs. 
  5. Closely inspect the structure's exterior around the foundation for any gaps, cracks, or crevices that might allow entry and fill them.

 Homeowners should remember that although rats might have more difficulty passing through tiny holes than mice, they will use their strong teeth to expand small openings and claws for digging or tunneling. 

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property

The team of trained home pest control specialists with Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control can quickly identify and understand the behavior of the different species of rats. We also know the best ways to get rid of rats in the house and the solutions for preventing them from returning and infiltrating your home. 

Our technician will carefully inspect the property and determine the nature and extent of the rodent infestation. Our overall treatment plan involves ousting the pests, cleaning and sanitizing, and implementing exclusionary measures to prevent further invasions. 

Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, has many years of experience helping Crawfordville residents who struggle with rodents, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, and other unwanted pests. Call for a free estimate today.