How To Get Rid Of Mice The Safe And Easy Way In Crawfordville


How To Get Rid Of Mice The Safe And Easy Way In Crawfordville

Seeing mice in your home is cause for alarm. These tiny rodents can spread dangerous diseases and are known to cause a lot of expensive destruction in and around your property. If you have to share a living space with these sneaky and destructive creatures, it can cause many problems for you and your family. 

The best way to handle a mouse invasion in your Crawfordville home is to take immediate action. Our professionalmouse exterminators at Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control are here to help minimize the damage caused by these rodents. We know the best way to get them out of your home and prevent them from ever coming back. 

How To Confirm That It’s Mice In Your House

Mice are often mistaken for rats or other types of rodents. However, they have a few distinct characteristics, so anyone can easily identify them. For example, mice typically have smaller bodies than other rodents. On average, their bodies are about 2 to 4 inches long. They also have long tails about the same size as their bodies and are almost entirely hairless. 

These small animals can run incredibly fast and dash from one destination to another in the blink of an eye, making them difficult to spot. If you are unable to spot a mouse in your house with your own eyes, there are other telltale signs that our mouse exterminators will look for, which include:

  • Finding shreds of paper, cardboard, and other nesting material in dark areas of your home

  • Seeing small gnaw marks on food packages, baseboards, walls, furniture, and other objects around your house

  • Finding a small footprint around your home 

When mice invade your house, they leave their urine and feces in almost every crevice and space. A mouse’s bodily waste contains pheromones used to communicate with other mice in the area. These pheromones have a strong and foul odor. If you smell a musty odor coming from your walls or other areas of your home, you should have your entire house inspected by a professional mouse extermination company. 

How Dangerous Is It To Have Mice In My House?

A mouse infestation can cause extensive damage to your home, which could be both costly and dangerous. They can chew electrical wires, which could cause a fire or a power outage. They can also contaminate your food with a variety of harmful pathogens. Our mouseremoval team has heard reports of homeowners contracting leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and other dangerous diseases when they had a mouse infestation in their homes. 

Effective Mouse Control: Get Rid Of Mice Safely And Quickly

Mice are some of the sneakiest pests that will ever invade your home. They are capable of hiding in plain sight. Also, they like to live in large groups and have high reproduction rates. These factors all contribute to the challenges that come with mouse elimination. 

The best way to get mice out of your home safely and quickly is to have a professional mouse control expert handle the problem. An experienced technician will have a good understanding of the habits and behaviors of mice and will know the typical hiding spots and nesting areas where you are likely to find mice hanging around. 

Preventative Measures For Mice: Keep Them Out Before They Get In

The best way to keep mice out of your home is to stop them from coming inside in the first place. Make sure to seal any gaps around your home and use metal mesh screens around vents, chimneys, and other openings. Also, don’t hesitate to call the Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control professionals today. Our Crawfordville mouse exterminatorscan help you establish an effective prevention plan customized to fit your needs.