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Tallahassee, FL Pest Control

Pest Control In Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, FL, is a Southern gem that delights both residents and visitors. This is the capital city of the state, and it is also a picturesque example of Southern tradition, hospitality, and beauty. You will find streets that have canopies created by oak limbs, rolling hills of green grasses, and southern plantations with pristine gardens. 

Tallahassee is a delightful location that blends natural beauty with the comforts that city living can add. It is a place where wildlife is plentiful, and outdoor activities like fishing, kayaking, and hiking are encouraged. The locals in this city also know that the wildlife in the region is not limited to deer, trout, and beautiful birds. Tallahassee is also home to bugs, insects, and pests that people do not like to discuss.

Pest control in Tallahassee is a residential and commercial concern. Insects, arachnids, wildlife, and rodents must be discouraged from moving into both homes and businesses. This means that preventive measures like addressing potential pest entry points and establishing a plan for year-round pest management are necessary.

Residential Pest Control In Tallahassee

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Residential pest control in Tallahassee is not limited to the typical treatments for cockroaches and ants inside homes. Tallahassee has excellent weather all year, so pests are not often exposed to freezing temperatures, which means they thrive in larger populations.

Residential pest control services in Tallahassee deal with black widow spiders, brown widow spiders, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and one of the most dreaded insects of all, termites. Locals from this part of Florida know that termites are one of their biggest pest concerns because termites do the most damage to their property.

Commercial Pest Control In Tallahassee

Commercial pest control in Tallahassee is less focused on termites than rodents, cockroaches, and the possibility of venomous spiders posing a threat to their employees or customers. Controlling pest populations at business locations requires knowledge and skills to perform exterior treatments and take preventive measures.

Exterior services allow professional technicians to keep unwanted pests from entering the business. This means that any required products will be applied outside the building, so there is no danger of food contamination or customers coming into contact with the treated area.

Experienced Exterior Pest Control Services In Tallahassee

Experienced exterior pest control services in Tallahassee, like the ones you get when you call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, are the safest and most convenient treatment methods. The technician does not have to come inside your home or business, so you do not have to be present for them to inspect or treat your property.

The products are applied outside the structure, so there are minimal exposure concerns for your children or pets. You will not have to worry about allergic reactions to any product ingredients.

Exterior services on properties will include:

  • Inspection of the buildings and surrounding area
  • Advice on steps you can take to lessen the pest threat
  • Treatment using specific methods according to pest species
  • Recurring visits throughout the year to maintain control

Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control offers a year-round exterior treatment plan. Our technicians will return to your home at different times throughout the year and ensure that Tallahassee pests are not starting to be a problem for you again. You do not have to call for this service. Once you establish a plan with us, we will track when they need to return to your home and what treatments you may or may not need.

The Importance Of Termite Awareness For Your Tallahassee Property

Termite control is not something any resident of Tallahassee can take for granted. Florida is home to three species of termites, and the worst of those three are the subterranean termites. These insects do the most significant amount of property damage in the shortest time.

Termites can:

  • Live in colonies of 60,000 to more than a million insects
  • Lay between 5,000 and 10,000 eggs yearly
  • Consume 2.3 linear feet of wood in a year
  • Can cause the total collapse of a building
  • Can cause structural damages 
  • Cost you thousands of dollars in repairs

Termites are not a danger to your health, but they are a danger to the safety of your home and your finances. The cost to repair the damage these insects do can be enough to cause possible financial ruin.

If you have signs of termites, you cannot sell the property because potential buyers do not want to invest in termite problems. The best time to start termite prevention methods is before seeing signs of their presence.

If you call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, we can give you a free quote over the phone, and the technician who comes to your home can inspect for the presence of pests like termites. Protect your investment with professional termite control services in Tallahassee.

Call The Experts For Bed Bugs In Tallahassee

Most pests that invade Tallahassee homes enter through tiny cracks or crevices in your exterior, but residents usually bring bed bugs into their homes in bags or clothes. They’ll spread around your home unnoticed, finding hard-to-reach hiding places near where people rest.

These pests come out while people sleep, biting softly and returning to their hiding spots. Most people don’t recognize bites until they wake up and notice small red welts on their bodies. Bed bugs don’t spread illnesses but can cause anxiety, paranoia, and sleep loss.

You can pick up bed bugs anywhere they’ve infested, and you’re unlikely to see them. Clues that bed bugs are in your Tallahassee residence include:

  • Exoskeletons
  • Reddish-brown fecal spots
  • Bugs in folded sheets
  • A musty scent

These pests are difficult to find and remove, so Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control should handle your infestation. Our bed bug control experts will inspect your house with a flashlight and vacuum to find the pests, removing as many as possible during the inspection. Our technicians will treat beds, box springs, headboards, footboards, and anywhere we see signs of activity.

We’ll treat your whole house to ensure they haven’t spread to other areas and provide a follow-up inspection after 30 days. Call us to learn more about our bed bugs control services.

Five Tips To Reduce Your Risk For Cockroaches In Tallahassee

Cockroaches don’t damage Tallahassee properties but present health risks when they invade homes. These creatures often live in unsanitary places, picking up potentially troublesome pathogens on their bodies and carrying them around. They crawl around buildings at night, leaving these pathogens on surfaces that can make people sick.

Rather than seeing these hiding pests, you're more likely to find signs of their presence, like droppings, shed skins, and a musty odor. Since they stay hidden and are rarely seen, eliminating infestations is difficult. The best solution is to prevent their entry in the first place. Five house cockroach prevention tips in Tallahassee include:

  1. Eliminate cracks in your home’s exterior
  2. Place mesh screens over vents and drains
  3. Clean your home regularly
  4. Keep trash in clean receptacles
  5. Resolve moisture issues in your house

These tips can help prevent infestations, but you’ll need professional help when cockroaches invade your home. Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control provides expert cockroach control for Tallahassee residents. We’ll inspect hiding places to find these pests and use the best techniques to remove them.

Cockroaches can create health risks in your home and are hard to find and eliminate. Give us a call if you see signs of cockroaches in your house.

Why Ants Are Attracted To Certain Homes Around Tallahassee

Ants are common nuisances around Tallahassee homes. These tiny pests live in colonies in your yard and get into your house through cracks, gaps, or holes in your exterior. They invade for food and water, so you'll often find them in kitchens and bathrooms. However, they’ll spread anywhere they can find these sources.

Many ants are nuisances and don’t cause harm to people. They’ll contaminate food and surfaces without posing severe health risks, but some can cause damage or bite. They’re also hard to identify, so you should avoid them all. The best way to keep ants away is to remove common attractants, including:

  • Moisture
  • Crumbs
  • Sweets
  • Sugar

At Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, we’ll get rid of ants in your house and prevent future infestations. Our preventative services start by power spraying ant mounds to eliminate colonies. We might use granule treatments in your yard, which we’ll reservice every six months. If we power spray, we can return every 30 days.

Ants are annoying and possibly troublesome pests to find in your Tallahassee home. Let us know if you see ants in your house.

How To Prevent Wasps & Flying Pests In Tallahassee

Bees, wasps, and hornets are some of the most feared pests around Tallahassee homes. These creatures build nests on structures and produce painful stings when they feel threatened. Most species leave people alone but might attack if you get near their nests.

Attempting to handle or remove wasps and other flying pests is difficult and potentially dangerous, so you should avoid this task. They’re troublesome on your property, but even more so if they enter your house. Fortunately, there are ways that Tallahassee residents can prevent infestations, including:

  • Close potential entry points into your home
  • Repair screens on windows and doors
  • Cover your food when eating outdoors
  • Avoid floral patterns and flower-scented products

The best way to get rid of wasp nests and other flying pests is to call our professionals at Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control for help. Our pest control technicians will inspect your property to find and remove their nests. We’ll prevent future problems by eliminating materials to build nests and providing tips to keep these pests away.

Flying pests can be scary to find around your Tallahassee home. Call us if you see these creatures on your property.

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