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Alligator Point, FL Pest Control

Pest Control in Alligator Point, FL

The residents of Alligator Point know that they have found a tranquil coastal rarity with miles of untouched, undisturbed coastline. The area around Alligator Point is peaceful, relaxing, and full of outdoor activities like walking on the beach, fishing, clam harvesting, kayaking, and more.

Residents of the quaint coastal region also know that the untouched marsh habitats, pine forests, and mild weather conditions make Alligator Point the perfect environment for year-round wildlife residents. There are bears, deer, numerous fish, birds, butterflies, and many wildlife species called Alligator Point home.

Alligator Point pest control focuses on unwanted pests, like termites, that can severely damage homes and businesses. Of course, some other unwanted pests, like mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants, find the Florida weather perfect for their lifestyle.

Residential Pest Control In Alligator Point

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Alligator Point is ideally situated between the Gulf of Mexico and Alligator Harbor. The proximity to the water means more mosquitoes for residents to deal with. Other pests that Alligator Point residents frequently encounter are roaches, rodents, ants, flies, bees, wasps, and fleas.

At Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, we're here to protect our community from pest problems. Our initial visit to your home will include a thorough inspection to discover existing pest issues as well as potential access points that may lead to future problems. We'll treat the exterior and interior of your home on our first visit, with exterior treatments for future visits to ensure pests are kept out with a barrier of protection around your home.

Calling the pros to help you deal with pest infestations will save you time and money. You will also benefit from the expert knowledge of effective prevention methods that involve no product application. Reach out today to learn more about our residential pest control services in Alligator Point.

Commercial Pest Control In Alligator Point

Commercial pest control in Alligator Point is a necessary but often overlooked part of running a successful business. Pest problems can expose your business to property damage, health risks, loss of income, and damage to your reputation. Protect your employees, customers, inventory, and facility with professional commercial pest control from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control.

When you enlist our help protecting your business, we'll perform a complete inspection to determine the best course of treatment for your business. We'll pay special attention to industry-specific needs, particularly for food handling businesses, and will use treatments proven to work that will minimize disruption to your operations. Because we're a local business ourselves, we understand local pests and want to make sure businesses in our community are able to succeed without interruptions from pests. Call us to find out more about our commercial pest control offerings.

The Benefits Of Professional Exterior Pest Services For Your Alligator Point Property

Many benefits come from professional technicians providing exterior pest services in the Alligator Point area. These benefits include:

  • Exterior services are convenient. You do not have to be there when your property is serviced.
  • These services stop the pests before they enter the house.
  • Your family is exposed to fewer products, so they are safer.
  • They effectively stop pests from invading your home.

Exterior services allow our technicians to perform intensive inspections of your home to identify the possible pests that may be present. The technician knows the signs of different pests and can quickly determine if the pests are already there or if there is a propensity for pests to gain entry.

The service technician can treat areas where pests are most likely to attempt to enter your home. They can also advise you on methods to eliminate the need for products in some areas. If a product is used outside the home, your family will have less exposure, which means fewer health concerns.

With exterior pest services in Alligator Point, the technician comes to your home, does everything that needs to be done, and you do not have to take off work or be at home for the visit. The professional also remembers when they need to return for follow-up so you can put pest control out of your mind and focus on other things.

What Not To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites Around Your Alligator Point Property

If you have seen signs of termites around your Alligator Point property, there are a few things you should avoid doing.

Do not:

  • Treat your property with bleach or ammonia
  • Treat your home with boric acid
  • Spread orange oil on the baseboards
  • Try to start fires and smoke the termites out
  • Spray vinegar on surfaces 
  • Buy over-the-counter products containing ingredients you do not recognize

If you have seen termites or signs of termites on your property, call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control for a free estimate and to learn more about our termite control services in Alligator Point. Let our trained technicians identify the presence of these insects and help you create a unique treatment and prevention plan according to your specific needs.

Bed Bugs In Alligator Point Can Be Difficult To Identify

Alligator Point homeowners may have an active bed bug infestation and not even be aware of it. This happens most often because of where outbreaks are sourced. Bed bugs tend to live near their food source, which is human blood. This makes areas such as mattresses and living room furniture ideal for them. Bed bugs can also be difficult to identify because they are nocturnal and prefer to feed when people are sleeping. This simple fact means that people may never actually see the bed bugs that have invaded their homes. Additionally, bed bugs are very small and before they’ve fed are flat and shaped like an apple seed, so the naked eye can easily overlook them.

At Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control, we help our neighbors identify and eliminate all of their bed bug problems. We do so through comprehensive property evaluations and trusted treatments that are informed by Integrated Pest Management methods. For more information on bed bug control in Alligator Point, call us today.

Why Spiders Thrive In Alligator Point

When homeowners come across spiders in their Alligator Point properties, there are a few reasons why that could be happening. One of the most common reasons is because of the presence of other pests. Spiders are pests that eat other invaders. Whether they do so by waiting in their webs or by actively hunting, they are always looking for something to eat. Some of the favored prey of spiders includes ants, gnats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, and even sometimes other spiders. These types of pests are largely drawn to homes because of access to food and moisture accumulation. Conversely, this means that if homeowners see any of the aforementioned pests, spiders may be lurking around their property.

Seeing spiders may also be a result of moisture inside the home. Sometimes they live outdoors but if conditions become too warm, they may be drawn into homes that have leaks or any other damp conditions. For more information on spider prevention, call Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control today.

What Seeing Ants Around Your Alligator Point Home Could Mean

If you’re noticing ants around your Alligator Point home, you’re not alone. They are one of the most frequent invaders of local properties, and for a variety of reasons.

Some of the reasons behind your ant problems may include:

  • Access to food: Ants are primarily lured to sweet substances but they’ll eat anything. If you leave snack bags not properly stored or fail to put a secure cover on leftovers, you might be inviting ants. 

  • Leaky fixtures: These pests are also in search of water and moisture. Things like leaky pipes, forgetting to completely shut off showers after using them, and clogged gutters may provide the dampness they need. 

  • Substantial food residue: It’s also possible that ants are lured by an accumulation of crumbs, food build-up in cooking areas, or even due to sweet sudsy substances like shampoo or soap if you don’t clean spills properly.

  • An abundance of entry points: Ants are only able to get to these items if there are enough places for them to enter your home in the first place. Seeing ants may mean that there are cracks in your foundation, gaps around windows, or spaces beneath your door. 

Instead of waiting for ants to become a problem, consider help from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control. We treat ants either through our exterior pest services or via our customizable residential pest control programs. Either way, your home can experience a reduction in ant populations and can get the protection you deserve. For more information on ant control, call us today.

The Secret To Keeping Your Alligator Point Yard Free Of Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks can end up around your Alligator Point yard very easily. They are parasitic pests that travel by way of hitchhiking, which means that they find a host and go for a ride. Wildlife and even household pets can often act as hosts and transport these pests without your knowledge. Rather than wait for fleas and ticks to become a problem or ignore an infestation altogether, consider professional services from Florida Sun Termite and Pest Control.

We are a local company with more than two decades of experience and a strict adherence to the Integrated Pest Management approach. This means that we are focused on understanding the root causes of pest problems and creating long-term solutions. It also means that we use products judiciously and always provide our customers with the information that they need on ways that they can mitigate exposure to pests in the future. Our process includes a detailed inspection so that we can locate key breeding and hiding sources. We then use our truck rig and power sprayer to apply a liquid residual product to key areas. You’ll receive ten feet of coverage around your perimeter and four feet around your shrubs and trees. And if these pests aren’t immediately gone, we’ll offer discounted follow-ups until they are. For more information on flea and tick control, call us today.

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